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About us

BACA Youth Ministries (BYM) is a non profit organization registered in Canada; with main objective of helping Rwandan youth, in the Diaspora and in Rwanda, to overcome the consequences of the genocide and to instill hope in them.

BYM works with all Rwandan young adults at risk; with a special focus on three specific groups; (1) Teen moms; (2) Children born out of rape in the genocide and (3) Children born of survivors parents; as well as young adults recovering from Substance Use Disorders.

BACA is a valley between Jordan and Israel, referenced in Psalm 84:6 in the King James Bible as the Valley of Weeping. Through pilgrimage, people looked up from the valley to the coming blessing as a source of strengths and hope to endure the hardship of the journey. It is this psalm that serves as the model for the work of BACA Youth Ministries. The correlation is that no matter how dark someone’s past history looks like; one needs to work hard for a brighter future. BACA Youth Ministries is open to everyone and welcomes believers and non believers to participate in its work and in its celebration of community.


To empower youth to transform their trauma by helping them define their own sense of purpose, direction and hope.


To help youth heal from post genocide trauma by empowering them to grow their sense of purpose, direction and hope with the tools of faith, dialogue and community/social healing.

About the Founder


Ms Chantal Mudahogora, the founder of BACA is a survivor of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi of Rwanda; she engages, Rwandan youth who is affected by the genocide consequences, in dialogue to help them work through Complex Trauma.


Ms Mudahogora holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling (M.C.C.); she has an extensive experience working in Mental Health; she worked with developmental disability children; domestic violence victims, substance use and addiction, PTSD patients, dementia and cognitive impairment patients and their families; etc…


Ms Mudahogora is also a Peace Activist and an adept Public Speaker; she has been invited to present in international conferences around the world. She is also a recipient of multiple Awards including the prestigious one of the 100 Black Women in Canada to watch in 2017.


Ms Mudahogora is a strong christian believer and a Missionary Pastor; her gospel message include but not limited on healing from emotional/psychological wounds and forgiveness.

Ms Chantal Mudahogora

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Help Rwandan Youth-At-Risk


Two decades ago the nation of Rwanda experienced the worst killings of the 20th century. The genocide against the Tutsi of Rwanda took over a million innocent lives in a period of 100 days. This genocide was qualified by scholars as the fastest killing machine in the history of other genocides and mass killings.

Rwanda is trying to lift herself from ashes but the consequences of the genocide are felt deeply by the Rwandan people, especially the survivors.

Rwandans are working together to rebuild their country. There are multiple initiatives that encourage Rwandans to live in harmony, bring unity and reconciliation. A lot of work needs to be done towards healing and forgiveness.

Resilience is deeply rooted in Rwandan culture. However, physical and psychological wounds are still fresh among Rwandans.

Baca Youth Ministries (BYM) is an outreach ministry. Its main objective is to bring healing to young Rwandans through the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ; to teach them how to free themselves from the bondage of the past and how to trust and believe in Jesus Christ as our only healer and counselor. BYM will help these young people discover their purpose and transform them into true Kingdom citizens by fully contributing to the advancement of their nation and society.

BYM will work with vulnerable young people and Youth-At-Risk with a special focus on youth struggling with the law, youth struggling with addiction, young mothers, and young genocide survivors.

Meet Mr Roger Caesar, Keynote Speaker at BYM Launch Gala, November 24th, 2018


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