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Our Work

You can’t go back to the beginning …

but you can start where you are …

and change the ending”

Our goal is to work with Rwandan Youth-At-Risk in general;  however in the first few years we will target three groups and the outline of our strategic pillars will focus but not limited to the following 5 Pillars:

Trauma Healing Hand

Teen Moms in Action

Recovery Program

Training & Workshops


This program focuses on the post-genocide generation who has shown the signs of trauma as the recent research published in Psychiatric Journal revealed; which research our founder had the opportunity to co-author.

We are committed to reach out to different groups of young survivors; show them love, empower them; and turn them from victimhood to victorious individuals. We will coach them how to recognize triggers and equip them with coping strategies. Most importantly encourage them to join “Post-Genocide generation for Christ” Program.

We will also work closely with SEVOTA Rwanda; a grass-root association which helps children born out rape during the genocide and their families.

Our goal is to reach out to young survivors and use their existing structure and equip them with more tools they may need to break the chains of dark history and become self-resilient people.

Statistics are overwhelming, 20,000 of reported teen mothers in 2018 alone. This phenomenon in a new trend in the Rwandan culture and it has multiple façade hence the complication and complex situation to come up with one solution to be able to deal with the issue.

BYM will reach out to Teen Moms, give them hope and most importantly coach them to become champions who help in the mass mobilization for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies at a very young age.

BYM is going to work with former substance users. Rwanda has effective rehabilitation programs; however there is a gap in reintegration and prevention program. BYM will reach out to the rehab graduates to help them with programs which will prevent relapses.

Receive – Reflect – Respond

We plan to provide training for trainers and coaching to spiritual and social healers among young adults who will help their young fellows who are struggling with different issues listed above.

In our training and coaching, we will use holistic approach; to ensure that body-mind-spirit are integrated.  Our moto is summarized in 3Rs (Receive – Reflect – Respond). The spiritual and social healers will be recruited among beneficiaries of our programs then we will equip them with knowledge and tools to apply the material in their own lives but also be able to train/coach their peers.

We have an experienced and passionate team of trainers and coaches who are willing to share their knowledge and mentorship to the young Rwandans.

Are you a member of a community organization, school, club or church? Consider raising awareness and direct support for our work with our pillar communities. Contact to tell us about your event. Our founder, Ms Chantal Mudahogora can support your event in person by sharing her story as a survivor of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi of Rwanda and our work with youth.


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